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Black Polyester Gym Climbing Rope


Our 1 ½” Ropes are another great gym essential. Perfect for virtually endless exercises with some high intensity battle rope work, or use them for your rope climbing and gymnastic skill work. This rope is tough and high quality. GBRX brings you another great American-made product. Our bracketed ropes are custom built for you out of Ohio based on your specific needs so please remember to allow a 3 to 5 extra days for delivery. This all white rope has a soft, yet tough, polyester fiber cover. The spun yarn creates a grip unlike any other polyester combo rope we carry. The bracket attachment method is high grade steel crafted for you in Ohio. These clamps are held securely on the rope with two hex head cap screws and locking nuts. Even though these will easily hold 1,500 lbs. we only rate them for a MAX load of 300 lbs. for the highest level of safety.

  • Rope Diameter: 1 ½ inch
  • Construction: 3-strand
  • Fiber type: Polyester / Polypropylene
  • Fastener method: Solid steel bracket
  • Bracket size: 7 ½” long, with 1 ¾” metal top loop
  • Strength: 37,000lb average tensile strength

    Items are made to order and shipped from Ohio 2-3 business days after you place your order. Local Pickup is not available for this option.