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Strength Bands


Every athlete knows the importance of basic body maintenance and mobility, which is what makes GBRX Strength Bands an essential tool in your training program. Use them to add resistance to your stretches, lifts, or bodyweight exercises. Even better, they are perfect to use for plyometrics, aerobics, increasing flexibility and mobility, or if you’re doing rehab. Our bands are of highest quality, crafted from 100% latex and manufactured with continuous layering process for maximum durability. Get one of each colored band in this package to always have the exact resistance you need. Comes in a set of 4 bands. All bands approximately 82" in length and 0.18" thick

  • Red band: 15-35lbs of resistance; 0.5" wide
  • Purple band: 35-85lbs of resistance; 1.25" wide
  • Green band: 50-125lbs of resistance; 1.75" wide
  • Blue band: 65-175lbs of resistance; 2.5" wide