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GBRX Fitness

Universal 3 Tier Storage Rack


There’s another way to show off how much you can lift - use the all-in-one, GBRX Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage to organize and flaunt your new gains! Handcrafted for you, this storage unit is a combination of style and function that doesn’t compromise safety or durability. Pop and drop your kettlebells and dumbbells over and over again without fear of this storage falling apart or moving around. Store your collection of weights at your home or gym in an efficient and readily accessible manner - maximum holding capacity of 700 lbs! Mix and match kettlebells and dumbbells on different racks, the GBRX DB/KB Storage is designed for heavy weights and has two or three (depending on your choice) rubber lined platforms that can hold up up to seven competition kettlebells, or 8-14 dumbbells of varying sizes (see photos). All shelves are easily adjusted by moving a bolt to use with either kettlebells or dumbbells.

  • Width of unit: 63.5"
  • Shelf length: 59.5"
  • Height: 36.25"
  • Depth (front to back): 21.5"